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The Team

Meet your Tutor

Omer Boyaci

Director- IBDP Psychology

Omer is an educator with over 8 years of experience. Having completed his Bachelors in Psychology he went onto complete a Masters in Teaching (p-12) & a Masters in Education (Leadership and Management). He has held multiple leadership positions ranging from Student Management to Curriculum Design and implementation. Omer now looks to bring his knowledge and help students navigate through the subject areas of Psychology in both the IB and VCE stream.

David Apak

IBDP Business Management & English

David is a 2022 graduate from the IBDP (ATAR 98.70). David is currently studying the bachelor of biomedicine at the University of Melbourne. He has received a 7 in BM HL and Chemistry SL, aswell as a perfect score in his English LAL HL Essay.

Noor Farhoud

IBDP Chemistry

Noor Farhoud is an IB graduate from the November 2022 session and is currently undergoing a bachelor of biomedicine in hopes of completing his Doctor of Medicine. He achieved a 42.75/45.75 IB score (99.2 ATAR) achieving a 7 in Chemistry HL, Physics SL, Math AA SL and French ab initio. He is also currently maintaining a 7/7 GPA in his Chemistry subjects.

Mohammed Mamoon

IBDP Mathematics AA HL and Physics HL

Mohammed Mamoon is a recent graduate of the IB program, with a score of 42 points (98.6 atar). He specialises in AA Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, all of which he took at HL and scored a perfect 7. He has pertinent experience tutoring in all of these subjects and is committed towards finding a personalised approach for each student to achieve their academic goals.


Hamza Din

IBDP English & Biology

Having graduated from the 2022 November Cohort, all of Hamza's Internal Assessments were marked by an external official IB examiner, meaning that each of his marks reflects what the IB wants from a student in their IA. He is happy to teach subject content to students, as well as mark exam papers/go through sample responses, as he believes this is the best way to secure 6s and 7s. His strongest subject was English LaL HL, and he is more than happy to teach the tips and tricks he learned from his English teachers in order to secure a strong final mark. Along with English LaL, he teaches Biology SL/HL, Psychology SL/HL, Chemistry SL, and Math AASL. He is also able to provide students with advice on their IAs or EEs.

His subject scores are as follows:
-English LAL Higher Level: 7/7 (91% overall)
-Biology Higher Level: 7/7 
-Psychology Higher Level: 6/7 
-Mathematics Analysis and Approaches Standard Level: 7/7
-Chemistry Standard Level: 6/7 
-French ab initio Standard Level: 6/7 
Core: 3/3 points
Extended Essay in Psychology: A
Theory of Knowledge: B

Tarik Sheikh

IBDP English & Chemistry

Tarik Sheikh is a recent graduate of the rigorous IB diploma program from Australian International Academy and is currently studying a Bachelor of Science at the University of Melbourne. He graduated with an IB score of 42.5 out of 45.75 (99.10 ATAR) with excellent scores in Chemistry, French and Biology. Tarik has multiple years of experience tutoring in each subject and am committed to helping students achieve their goals.

Aisha Headshot ITA_edited.jpg

Aisha Patel

IBDP Biology & TOK/ VCE Biology

Aisha is an educator with experience as a an IB Biology teacher, VCE Biology teacher and IB Theory of Knowledge curriculum coordinator. After completing a Bachelor of Sport & Exercise Sciences, she went on to complete a Master of Teaching from the University of Melbourne. Furthering her teaching skill set, Aisha has completed a Master of International Education from the University of Melbourne specialising in IB Diploma Programme teaching and delivery. With experience both as an IBDP student and IBDP teacher, Aisha looks forward to bringing her unique skill set to International Tutoring Academy’s digital classrooms. 

Dr. Chanel Samo

VCE Biology & Chemistry

Chanel joins our team as a qualified Veterinarian. Chanel has 8 year of tutoring experience, speacialising in the subject areas of Biology, Chemistry, English and Latin. Graduating with an ATAR of 98.0, Chanel pursued completed her Bachelors of Science at the University of Melbourne. Upon completion, she moved into her postgraduate studies, completing her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine and has since worked as a veterinarian. She is now upskilling her knowledge in the field of orthopedic surgery.


Sadullah Tasbas

VCE Physics, Specialist Mathematics & Mathematics Methods

Meet Sadullah, an accomplished individual whose educational journey began with his high school graduation in 2017. Sadullah's academic prowess reached new heights when he completed a Master's in Electrical Engineering, specializing in Autonomous Systems. In 2022, Sadullah made a significant impact by contributing his expertise to the development of an electric car, focusing specifically on the high-voltage and motor control systems. Beyond his engineering accomplishments, Sadullah has been sharing his passion for education through tutoring since early 2018. Currently, Sadullah is making waves in the maritime and shipbuilding industry, leveraging his expertise as an electrical engineer to contribute to this dynamic field. With a solid foundation in both academics and real-world applications, Sadullah is the perfect mentor to elevate your understanding of mathematical and physical concepts.

Samar Chamra

VCE Business Mangement

Samar Chamra is an experienced educator with a Bachelor of Commerce degree, majoring in Accounting, and a Masters of Teaching (Secondary). With seven years of teaching experience, Samar specializes in teaching Unit 3&4 Business Management and Accounting. In addition, she has experience as an exam assessor, which has allowed her added insight into preparing students for the rigors of their final year. Holding prior titles of Head of Humanities, Level Manager and Careers Counsellor has allowed for a well-rounded exposure to curriculum development and student welfare. Prior to teaching, Samar gained valuable professional experience in the Accounting field, bringing real-world insights to the classroom


Anastasia Kydas

VCE English

Anastasia is an experienced educator with over 4 years of experience. Having just completed further education in her Masters of Students Wellbeing, Anastasia understands how to incoporate a hollistic apporach to her classrooms that will not only help students academically, but also psychologically. Holding senior level positions such as the Head of English equips her with the knowledge and experience students need to navigate through their subject areas. 

Tara Impala

VCE Psychology

Tara is an AHPRA-registered provisional psychologist, currently serving as an NDIS Behaviour Support Practitioner while completing her Master of Clinical Psychology at La Trobe University. She attained her Bachelor of Psychology with First Class Honours at Monash University in 2018, concurrently commencing her role as a professional psychological researcher with the Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Research Unit. ​

In her capacity as a researcher, Tara has led several published journal articles and book chapters investigating the therapeutic relationship in cognitive behaviour therapy, and clinical psychology training in Australian postgraduate universities. Beyond her academic pursuits, Tara possess over six years of experience in the Victorian community mental health and disability sector, and tertiary education sector. She has held various roles, including Community Mental Health Practitioner, Disability Support Officer, Student Liaison Officer, Independent Tutor, and Assistant Course Coordinator. ​

Tara’s diverse professional journey underscores her commitment to contributing meaningfully to both the academic and practical realms of psychology. Her wealth of experience positions her as a versatile and knowledgeable mentor, capable of bridging research insights with real-world applications


Norlin Chau

VCE English

Norlin Mustapha-Fadjiar is an experienced educator with a Bachelor of Communications (Media Studies) degree, Bachelor of Applied Science (Psychology) degree and a Masters of Teaching (Secondary). She has eight years of teaching experience in a variety of school settings, specialising in Units 1 - 4 English and EAL. Her high attention to students’ individual needs has resulted in them achieving study scores of 40 and over. Norlin’s previous responsibilities as the Head of English and an EAL specialist allows insight into the skills and knowledge required for students to achieve exceptional results. Prior to teaching, Norlin was working as a freelance copywriter and content creator, enabling her to use her love and experience in professional writing in the classroom.

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