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International Tutoring Academy

The convenience of Virtual Learning with the power of Artificial Intelligence.

100% Money back Guarantee.

Weekly Revision Classes Commence Term 1 Holidays (April 1st)


Middle School English, Mathematics & Science Tutoring available for Term 1 holidays! Fill out our contact form at the bottom of the page for our team to reach out to you!


What does ITA do?

Unlock your child's full academic potential with ITA —  At ITA, we offer targeted IB and VCE tutoring to transform your academic journey.

With personalised online sessions, round-the-clock resources, and a supportive community, we're not just about boosting scores; we're about deepening understanding. 

. Subjects we cover:

  • All Mathematics (IB/VCE)

  • English (IB/VCE)

  • Sciences (Bio/Chem/Physics) (IB/VCE)

  • Psychology (IB/VCE)

  • Business Management (IB/VCE)

  • French (IB/VCE)

  • Legal Studies (VCE)



Tutoring Research Group (TRG)

Tutoring can help reduce anxiety and negative feelings associated with difficult subjects. A survey conducted by the Tutoring Research Group (TRG) found that students who received tutoring were more likely to have positive feelings about school and learning.

National Tutoring Association (NTA)

Tutoring can boost students confidence in their academic abilities.​ A study from the National Tutoring Association (NTA) reported that students who participated in tutoring sessions showed increased self-confidence, motivation, and a positive attitude towards the subject matter.


A significant body of research links tutoring with improved performance on standardized tests. A study by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) found that children who received intensive tutoring performed better on reading and math standardised tests compared to those who did not receive tutoring.


Why International
Tutoring Academy (ITA)?


Our Approach

At ITA, we blend innovative teaching with supportive mentorship to create a nurturing learning environment. Our approach is tailored to ignite curiosity, foster understanding, and drive results that matter.



Joining ITA is your first step towards academic triumph. Our straightforward admissions process is designed to welcome students into a world of educational excellence. Enroll today and watch your child thrive.


Latest News & Events

Stay informed with the pulse of ITA. From student achievements to the latest educational trends, our news hub keeps you updated. Dive into our vibrant array of events, workshops, and seminars that enrich learning and community spirit. Don't miss out— see what's new and upcoming at ITA!


For The Parents

Discover how ITA can elevate your child's learning journey. Our personalised, supportive approach ensures each student not only achieves their academic goals but also gains a deeper understanding and love for learning. Contact us to see the ITA difference.


For The Schools

Schools partnered with ITA have been proven to improve student scores. Families from your school will also receive a discount off their tutoring. Our targeted programs complement classroom teaching, offering students additional support and resources to thrive academically. Let's collaborate to inspire success in every student. Fill out our Contact form today!


Contact Information

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